About Me

jeff-eglwysI was born a very long time ago and listened to music from a very early age. I hummed and tapped along to the hits of the sixties on the wireless and my dad’s record collection (mostly 78s – from Elvis and Little Richard to Slim Whitman and Frankie Laine).

At 12 years old I got my first guitar; which resulted in bleeding fingers from the cheese-wire strings that rusted and snapped with alarming frequency.

As adolescence descended, pop was left behind for the lure of 70s prog rock (Jethro Tull, Yes, Genesis etc) as well as a developing love of contemporary folk music (Lindisfarne, Fairport Convention and Ralph McTell).

The hair grew to waist length as the guitar playing improved and slowly a fledgling singer/songwriter emerged. Elements of all these influences can be detected running through my songs which, I think, blend into something unique.

I currently live in a small village in Powys, Mid Wales, nestled in the arms of the Brecon Beacons.