Here are a collection of websites that I am pleased endorse.

Taith Records.

The studio has a large performance area (48 square metres) which is very much geared towards acoustic and acoustic orientated music.

This is the studio of my old school friend Dylan Fowler.  Talented beyond belief and a great guy too.

Beehive Studios.
This is the studio of the talented Tom West many of whose photographs adorn this site.

Richard Outram Photography
Richard’s landscape photographs are simply stunning. Living as he does in North Wales it is no surprise that the landscape on his doorstep features heavily in his art.

Nava Guitars.
This is the website of Gary Nava, a master maker of fine stringed instruments. I have just commissioned a hand-made mandolin from him.

A Luthier’s Blog.
This is Gary Nava’s blog site where you can see him creating his superb instruments (and mine).


We specialise in CD and DVD printing starting with quantities from only 50 units. We can produce small runs to the same standard as a fully pressed CD. Try a free sample and see!

I have used ShortRun twice now for album reproduction and cover art (200 each time). They are very helpful with a quick turn around time. Their mix-and-match pricing scheme is extremely flexible.